by Dora Fung


What’s the latest in beauty innovation in Japan? I asked Japanese Vogue’s Beauty Editor Kyoto Muramatsu. Kyoto’s favorite drugstore buy is an affordable pack of face masks that does 3 things at once. Your 10-step beauty plan just went down a couple of steps!

“I love masks. They have all kinds, but I am now interested in masks that can clean your face and moisturize in one. Which means you just apply the mask when you wake up, and after that you can directly put makeup on your face! I used it for several days, and it really saves time!”

I took Kyoto’s advice and tried the Saborino mask sans moisturizer. The sheet leaves a tingling feeling on my face because of the peppermint and citrus extract and in the morning, this felt very fresh. The honey and avocado extracts helps with the hydration hence no need for a supplemental moisturizer. I did apply a light SPF on my face but overall, this mask is exactly as Kyoto says. It cleans, tones and moisturize in one. Perfect for those mornings when you are running late and need a 3 in 1 solution!

Saborino image.jpg

Kyoto recommends Saborino Morning Mask and at $17.69 for 32 sheets that comes out to about 55 cents per sheet. Something we can all get behind!